Hadrian’s Wall April 2018

I emailed an old friend, Woodsy, from primary school days who I hadn’t seen for well over fifty years to ask him if he was interested in a week of walking , during a four week holiday I had planned in England.

It was mainly our nicknames that we had in common. Mine was Leafy.

It’s easy to make new friends on the track, so I figured two old mates should get along just fine.

The main purpose of my trip « back home », was to visit my ninety three year old Mum. She’s pretty fit and in jest I suggested she join me for a week of hiking in the wild north of England in early Spring. Winter snow, a reminder of the beast from the east, was still sitting on the higher ground.

My Mum had the perfect response,

« Why don’t you go with somebody young and sprightly like yourself John, …someone in their mid sixties like you? »

Woodsy, he’s the tall one in the photos, said, « yes ». He’d grown a lot since he was eleven years old! And yet he still looked the same, just with a few wrinkles, like me! We obviously still had a lot in common.

I’d suggested that maybe we could tackle Wainwright’s Coast to Coast. A serious overestimation of my ability.

Fortunately he picked the much shorter Hadrian’s Wall path.

I’d never been to Northumberland, so it was an adventure.

Here are a few photos. I’ll post more later and let you know how two old geezers got on after such a long gap on the ‘friend timeline’.

Steel Rigg summit.

Sycamore Gap

Housesteads Roman Fort, an amazingly expansive excavated site.

Brocolitia Temple of Mithras, (a sun god).

The highlight of the path, for me, was the up-hill and down-dale miles around Steel Rigg to Brocolitia.

There’s quite a lot of road walking, and being Roman, “it’s straight”.


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