Wine Glass Bay- 30 Km circuit over Mt Graham (600 metres climb),……can be done in 2 days, but plan for 3 days if you want to take your time (like me!). Basic camping at Cooks Beach, and at the far end of Wine Glass Bay.

This is a memory of my first overnight hike in almost 50 years, with my daughter and son in March 2017. I’m heading back to do it again as soon as the Spring days start to lengthen. The hike up and down Mt Graham is a bit of a slog with a back pack to carry, but the views are simply splendid and demand frequent breaks for photos along the way. At least that’s my excuse for frequent rest and recuperation.

My two legs are older than my son and daughters four legs combined.

15 photos seems like an extravagant post, but these are culled from 390 photos taken over 3 days.

Although the walk to the Lookout and down to Wineglass Bay is very popular, there aren’t many people on this circuit.
Ready to go…

The view from the top!

The view from the top, a different perspective than the scene from the very popular lookout spot.

Hike to Wellington Falls, Kunanyi. Five to six hours return, around 14 kms.

Starting at the Springs along Milles Track, it’s deceptively easy going, until the rock and boulder hopping begins. There are several panoramic views across the Derwent River. The rocky but well maintained track through lovely forest and heath, soon reaches the Potato Field, a stretch of endless wet and unstable rocks back up to the tree line. I managed to restrict myself to just two stumbles, and collected a few more minor grazes and bruises.

I was hiking on my own, I might go with a friend next time, it would be easy to badly sprain an ankle, and it’s not the most popular track.

Superb views to Cathedral Rock appeared at the half way point, first in sunlight, and then through approaching cloud and some light drizzle.

Then it’s all downhill, following a quite muddy and very slippery track to the wonderful Wellington Falls. The weather turned quickly, so my banana and almonds snack was over quickly. I was planning to descend through the unofficial rough and risky track to the base of the falls, but the ominous clouds, sleety wind, and my bruised knee said. « No, another time, leave something to come back for ».

The sign said it was a four hour walk back to the Springs. I’m not a fast walker, but with a few photo stops, including early Spring parrots, I was back at the start in 3 hours.

Cathedral Rock. A wonderful half day hike in its own right.


The creatively named “Potato Field”. I prefer large boulders to scramble over, than this enormous collection of potatoes😀[[[[[[

Wellington Falls, the most spectacular of the many waterfalls on Kunanyi. It’s not designed for tourist views, and there are no safety barriers!